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Lucena's macro economic model for market strength. May 9, 2014
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Asymmetric Beta: A Clue to Low Volatility Outperformance

January 8, 2014


Our low volatility mascot.

Low volatility stocks and ETFs seem to perform better than they ought to.  In recent years they have provided similar returns to the overall market, but with lower risk. This phenomenon is referred to as “the low volatility anomaly.”  We take a statistical look at the question to see if we can find clues to […]

A Day In the Life of A MOOC Student

December 6, 2013


The experiences of a student who recently completed a MOOC I teach.

A Comparison of Online MOOC Versus On Campus Course Delivery

November 20, 2013


I report on the demographics and experiences of two cohorts of  students who completed an 8 week course. The cohorts include: 29,000 students who took the course via MOOC, and 100 students who took the course on campus at Georgia Tech. Of those students, the data is based on 879 respondents who completed the course […]


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